30 Day AB Challenge

Its day 30 and well I did it! I honestly cannot believe that I managed to do all 30 days of the ab challenge. I can tell you for sure that it was a struggle and the 30 day challenged turned into a 45 day challenge, mainly because I kept forgetting to do it at the gym. However I can tell you that all the stiffness, sweating and struggle was definitely worth it.

This AB challenge focuses on toning you up and reaching the final goal of doing 125 sit-ups, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises and 120s plank. It does this by starting off slow and increase in intensity as the month goes on. When working towards a goal, any goal, consistency is key.


Although, on myself I cannot see the sculpted abs that formed from the challenge as I still have a nice layer of fat that I am working on reducing, I know that my core is a lot stronger. By having a stronger core, my back has stopped hurting and my posture is starting to get better, which is definitely a plus.

If you haven’t started the 30 day ab challenge yet, you should! The results are amazing and if you don’t believe me check out these other bloggers who have done the challenge:

Live Laugh Fitness

NS Fit Bitch 

I’m Charming You

If you have done one, or are currently doing one let me know how it goes! I always love hearing from you!

Current Weight = 10.55 stones/67.0 kg/147.71  pounds

Weight left to lose = 0.31 stones/2.0 kg/ 4.40 pounds

Sadly with this week being the last week of lectures there has been a lot of partying so my weight loss got hit badly.




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